About us

RestartUs is on a mission to create a safer and fairer world where juveniles, adults and families involved with the correctional justice system can find innovative, inclusive, easy and holistic ways to prevent reoffending whilst delivering healthy returns on public investments. We empower every person who is looking for a second chance to restart their lives as an economically active individual.

We reimagined reintegration by connecting unique technology to offer unprecedented access through an online platform that provides employment, education, and supportive tools for re-entry workers, returning citizens and their families.

Every year, reoffending drags $billions of taxpayers’ money in maintenance and building of prisons, plus criminal and justice systems’ costs – affecting the economy and creating unsafe communities. RestartUs’ solutions come from years of research in countries and communities that are closing prisons instead of building, and dramatically reducing recidivism rates and its costs as a result.

At RestartUs we have a culture of innovation, cooperation, and empowerment. We created world-class solutions to reach people at scale through the ongoing investment into our jobs platform, VR training, AI technology, and online learning.